STEIGEN Premium Running Socks - Zero Length
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STEIGEN Premium Running Socks

- Zero Length 

Having a range of different features, Steigen socks have been specifically designed to benefit our customers. An additional percentage of Lycra has been key in Steigen’s design, allowing the arch of the foot to be supported, no air pockets to be created, and therefore preventing any friction. Furthermore, the reinforced Lycra around the sock band prevents no slipping or rubbing from occurring inside the foot.

  • Forefoot pad for comfort and durability
  • Arch supports
  • Lightweight fabric for fast moisture transfer and breathability
  • Microfiber nylon (80%) with Lycra (20%) for form fit
  • Airflow top mesh
  • Super flat toe seam for superior comfort
  • Ankle-crease reduction channels
  • Greater control

Due to the stretch of the Lycra these socks only come in one size, making purchasing even more convenient!

Th perfect premium sock to take your running to the next level!